Gainsharing in Seven Manufacturing Plants LCN worked primarily at the corporate level with a vehicle parts manufacturer to design and implement plant-wide incentive plans in seven large, unionized plants within 16 months. LCN assisted on the incentives provision in collective bargaining, worked with a corporate Steering Committee and three Subcommittees concerning with plan design, communication, and infrastructure design (employee involvement, training, and renewal). This laid the groundwork for a standardized plant roll-out and implementation process that facilitated local understanding buy-in and use of high quality implementation tools and processes. All plants were able to earn a bonus based on improved performance during the first year after implementation.

Skill-Based Pay Revisited A large manufacturing plant on the East coast had developed a skill-based pay plan a number of years earlier as part of a comprehensive set of changes that produced a high involvement, high performance work system. However, the pay plan was developed without reference to market rates of pay, and it had added significant compensation expense. LCN helped the joint union-management leadership group to understand how pay rates in the plant compared to those of the labor market, and to understand how the experiences at the plant compared to those elsewhere.

Total Rewards for a National Sales Force LCN worked closely with compensation professionals and a management task team in a Fortune 500 firm to overhaul the total rewards package offered to the national sales force. Complementary initiatives created changes in base pay, the sales incentive plan, stock options, and non-monetary compensation. Despite a significant increase in compensation costs, caused by raising base pay to market levels and increasing sales incentive opportunities, the changes were highly successful. An internal company study found that the changes had reduced sales force turnover and increased performance, resulting in a net gain to the company of $100 million.

Self-Managed Teams and Related Changes LCN helped a company develop self-managed teams and related changes such as training, communication, and compensation systems, that reinforced the teams in two manufacturing plants. LCN worked with a corporate Steering Committee, Steering Committees in two plants (one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast), and Design Teams in a key business unit in two plants.

Compensation Initiatives in a Not for Profit Organization In a not-for-profit research and development organization, LCN has assisted on a series of compensation projects over a span of seven years. These included projects on compensation for Board members, total rewards for top executives, a revision of the Supplemental Retirement Plan for executives, and compensation mix and incentives for senior technical staff.

Talent Management in a Fortune 500 Firm In a consumer products firm LCN helped the company to develop a talent management approach for all management employees in the largest unit of the company. The firm faced imbalances in management talent due to acquisitions and several major initiatives that created new demands for management talent. The project developed a number of initiatives to ensure that the number, type, and quality of managers available at all levels matched business needs. The project developed a talent segmentation model, new focus on high potentials, a build-buy-redeploy strategy for each level of management, a formal talent planning process, the development of metrics for measuring progress.