We solve thorny people problems

  • We work on difficult business problems in which people issues are central. These problems require that we see people issues in their business context – we are not just business consultants or just HR consultants.
  • We provide the greatest value when we work on problems in which the problem is murky, the solutions are complex, and/or change management is difficult.
  • We do not look for opportunities to implement canned solutions that we have used many times before. We seek client partnerships that call for us to work at the cutting edge.

We are seasoned professionals

  • A senior team increases the likelihood of success and is more cost-effective in addressing tough problems. Senior consultants are heavily engaged in all phases of our projects.
  • We do not sell projects and then hand the real work off to junior consultants.
  • We have worked with firms in almost every major industry, over the past 25 years.

We combine practical and theoretical knowledge in our work

  • Both practical and academic knowledge are important in understanding and solving difficult problems, and we offer both.
  • Our breadth of knowledge gives us better ways of understanding underlying problems, enriches our solution set, and helps us avoid other companies’ mistakes.
  • We can call on a wide circle of experts with specialized expertise as needed.

Our team includes your people

  • We see projects as opportunities to develop your internal talent, not junior consultants.
  • We will ask if you wish to provide us with one or more internal people who can learn by being part of the consulting team.
  • This gives makes it possible for your firm to implement and maintain the solution with little or no further consulting help.